Tricks to remove moisture from a plant

Good morning friends, today I leave you with some great tricks to remove moisture from any of your plants.

If your plants have taken moisture, you should know some basic and equally important care. You must ensure that plants always develop with good irrigation.

When saying good watering, it is not to water them too much … if not in its fair measure, depending on the species that is, the water that it requires and the time it does … well if it rains a lot the same you must cover it.

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<p>But it is true that on many occasions, especially if you are something more novice in the world of gardening, watering plants and pots too much or incorrectly.</p>
<p>Whether you water with excess water, or if you fall short … it may be a mistake, it is equally harmful.</p>
<p>With excess water your plants can get sick, get important diseases.</p>
<p>It is very important to follow some guidelines so that your plants develop strong and healthy. One of them is to eliminate moisture from them, when we see that it is excessive.</p>
<p>To achieve this, simply transplant them quickly to a new and larger pot. Of course, try to add more soil and settle the plant well.</p>
<p>By doing this, the new substrate will absorb the excess water that the plant had and improve.</p>
<p>Also, to remove all moisture from the plant .. you can use a transplant method like this. A new container with dry and new soil, without any water. Leave the plant like this, for a few days ..</p>
<p>In this way you will see how the plant recovers, then think and inform you of the type of plant you have and water accordingly.</p>
<p>I hope this great advice is very useful for you. Sometimes it happens that we leave a few days and if you leave the plants to someone, they might water them too much or too little.</p>
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