Tricks to succeed with cuttings

Hello friends and dear readers, today I leave you some great tricks so that the cuttings grow with all the success that you can.

It is important to have some information about this topic. If you are interested in gardening and want to learn some tricks for the success of cuttings, here you have these tricks.

Good advice so that in the future they become perfectly developed and beautiful plants.

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<p>The plants that reproduce by division are quite attractive for many gardeners. These types of plants allow new specimens to be available, on demand.</p>
<p>On the other hand, you should also think about the problems they may cause or the high number of cuttings that can be lost and lost. This may be due to many things.</p>
<p>If your cuttings are lost, it may be due to rooting failure or perhaps poor care. So what you must first do is watch them well.</p>
<p>But in addition to watching the cuttings, you must also do it with the tools you use to work with them. They should be free of possible diseases of other plants.</p>
<p>It is also good, if you lose many cuttings, add a rooting hormone .. normally we will see this product in powder form.</p>
<p>After this, plant immediately in a soil that is loose, not too tight. In addition this land must have enough nutrients. But always look at what you buy, they may need other care.</p>
<p>Remember, when planting cuttings, the earth must always be wet. Try never to dry, yes .. you should not water it!</p>
<p>Finally, the environment where you put the cuttings is very important. The first weeks should be in a cool place, where they are not given sunlight … at least directly.</p>
<p>Following these tips, I hope that all your cuttings or many of them survive and develop correctly.</p>
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