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Trust the rental of painting tools from Majo

If there is talk of a work of contraction or a local arrangement in the home, the final thrust can never be missing, and this has to do with painting, that which will give the view of a really finished task. But for this to be possible, it is important to have the tool rental suitable for it.

Optimize your painting with a good tool rental

Being on the side of the best tool company in the region, is the best alternative to take advantage of construction work with total effectiveness, which of course include a good coat of paint.

Maximum economy by reducing the production and consumption times of paint as well as saving space with the best tools at your fingertips to optimize the paint job of that finished work.

It is not a secret that in the absence of adequate machinery the cost of painting will be double, and what can be worse is that the site to be intervened will be badly finished due to the lack of a reliable place of tool rental Quality and guaranteed.

If you do not know which tool would be suitable for the site where you are going to work, or how to manipulate it, do not worry that in Majo rentals you can find specialized technical advice that will give you the necessary guidance so that this work is as you wish and even better.

Tool rental For your needs

The moment of the final thrust arrived, that hand of paint and is looking for what tool would be suitable for this work, because there is nothing to worry about, because then a selection of tool rental So you can choose the right one.

Enamelling gun: 12 paint guns, for complete painting in one pass

▪ High quality paint gun finishes

▪ Type of feeding: suction

▪ Multiple regulators (fan, flow, product)

▪ Nozzle diameter: 1.8

▪ 1L aluminum tank

Compressor: For those who spray paint is important.

  • Deposit capacity: 25l.

▪ Pressure: 8atms

▪ Single phase motor: 1,5CV

▪ Displacement: 230LPM

▪ R.P.M .: 2800

▪ Approx Weight: 25Kgs

Moto compressor: Recommended to paint with a pressure gun and achieve a better finish, so that the scratches are not visible, and the paint is uniform, easy to operate, only the special attachments are placed and the pressure is regulated, so that the pressure drops desired. It has three specialized models.

Model: IMGA-4

▪ Capacity: 15 + 15

▪ ATMS pressure: 8

▪ Honda engine: GX120 (4CV)

▪ LPM Displacement: 254

▪ R.P.M .: 1100

▪ Weight: 55

▪ Measures: 62x72x72

Model: IMGA-5

▪ Capacity: 24 + 24

▪ ATMS pressure: 8

▪ Honda engine: GX160 (5.5CV)

▪ LPM offset: 690

▪ R.P.M .: 1350

▪ Weight: 86

▪ Measures: 58x81x85

Model: IMGA-13

▪ Capacity: 24 + 24

▪ ATMS pressure: 8

▪ Honda engine: GX390 (4CV)

▪ LPM offset: 1210

▪ R.P.M .: 1300

▪ Weight: 120

▪ Measures: 63x86x96

Using the right materials and equipment will not only make the task easier, but also make sure that you will be proud of the results and enjoy them for a long time.

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