Tube Cleaner Features

We will tell you the main features of this evergreen shrub that reaches four meters high, in case it is in a pot it will reach a maximum of three meters. Its scientific name is Callistemon citrinus.

The vulgar name that most of us know is brush tree, red swab, bottle cleaner or tube cleaner. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It originated in the areas of Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Its leaves are linear, lanceolate, alternating, leathery dark green, some of the varieties may have larger leaves.

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<p style=During spring and summer they appear in the bush large spikes of bright red flowers, With a lemon-like aroma very pleasant, they already have a reddish hue from young people.

This type of shrub is very popular in gardening and for those who design parks for their spectacular flowering, very striking and colorful. On the other hand it has the advantage of being a very resistant plant that can be used to decorate very poor land.

As for the light, it is convenient to place it in areas with a lot of sun. It adapts to normal, permeable and lime-free floors. Sometimes it will be necessary to administer a special acid substrate for rhododendrons, with an approximate pH of 6.

We advise you to water frequently during the summer and very little in the winter time. Prune the stems when they are too long, this is advisable so that a better flowering can be achieved during the fall.

Pests that attack Callistemon Laevis: red spider, aphid, cottony mealybug. To eliminate these pests it will be necessary to spray with specific products.

The seeds of this bush germinate without major problem but the offspring is very different, many plants do not generate ornamental flowers. The most effective method of propagation is that of stakes With martially mature wood leaves, they have the ability to generate roots quite easily while in the greenhouse.

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