Turn a barrel into Jardinera

Turn a barrel into Jardinera

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and gardens we will love to share with you an excellent idea to decorate our garden.

If you have, just like that, a barrel of wine or beer … or several … remember that before you throw them you can transform it into many things.

One of these things is a pleasant gardener, which we can patiently do and will be divine in our garden.

Like I said garden, smaller barrels can be placed on the terrace, on the balcony or even near the kitchen window.

Recycling a barrel is not that complicated, you just need a little creativity and some tools.

Sometimes it is better to recycle, we spend less money and we are also more environmentally friendly … and we almost always extend the life of some items.

Turning a barrel, whatever the size, in a gardener will give a very original touch to our patio or where we are going to put it.

With a wood, a handsaw and some nails this fantastic gardener has been built .. If you realize the woods have been placed in the form of triangles, to create pots and sub-pots, inside the large gardener.

Make the design you like best, outline the places where you are going to make the cuts and cut the barrel in half. When you have split it in half, you will only have to divide it into the proportion you want and your plants demand.

You cut the areas you want, in this case you have proceeded to make steps, so that it is more funny and so the plants can be seen and also the irrigation is much better ..

The triangles have been made with the tables, so the plants are very well maintained and we give the final result much more attractive.

Finally, we just have to fill the planter with soil, each hole with soil and here we plant the flowers, herbs or seeds that we like.

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