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Turn the ladder into a pretty vertical garden

Today I propose to take advantage of your stairs to make great vertical gardens. If at home you have some stairs that you do not use, either because they are outdated or broken … you can take advantage of them in many ways.

Sometimes you can use the ladder as a great bookcase and add things you like, in this case it is used as a pretty vertical garden. If you do not have much space to add plants in your home, perhaps this way you like more. You can include the staircase on the terrace, if you do not have a garden and if you have an outdoor space you can place it where you like.

On this occasion the steps of the stairs have been used to put a series of trays with their corresponding stones, to decorate since you can change them for other things that you like more. In addition to each of the trays have placed some pots. I recommend that the smaller ones put them up and heavy ones to low, this is not necessary to say it almost, but I remember it.

You can put the pots you like best and add beautiful plants and flowers. If you want to decorate the staircase even further, you can add vines that will be great … and the climbing plant will have a place to adhere as it grows. You can also add aromatic herbs, so they give off a wonderful smell.

As you can see a simple wooden staircase, which was not used, has been converted into an article to house pots and sherds. You can also think of painting the ladder, instead of leaving it with its original color. If this is so, try to prepare the wood before and choose a suitable paint for the material you are going to work with. He also thinks that if the ladder goes outside, the paint should be for exterior or varnish the final result, so that moisture or rain do not erode the wood quickly.

Photo: designanddiymagazine

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