Turn your cans into vases

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we will love to learn to recycle those cans that we have at home and turn them, in this way, into pleasant objects for decoration.

Cans are an article that give a lot of play, when it comes to recycling. Therefore it will not be complicated to make great vases to decorate every corner of the home.

These vases are perfect to put them both on a surface, and on the wall with the help of hooks, on a shelf, they can also be placed at the foot of a staircase, in a corner … or put on the ceiling with hooks.

The fact is that this aluminum can was recycled and a great vase decorated with paper has been achieved.

It is very easy to make, surely you have some can in your home, if so take advantage of it and make a great vase.

The necessary materials will be a can per vase, a hammer, a nail, a brush, glue, decorative paper, soil and the plant you want to put.

The first thing we are going to do is clean, wash and remove all the impurities the can can have. Then we let dry very well.

Now we remove the edges that can have the can and the remains of labels. Make sure everything is well filed and without labels.

Now with the help of the nail and the hammer we will proceed to practice a series of holes in the base can. This will help the new pot or vase to drain the water in conditions and not get stuck in the base when you water.

After making some holes, we measure the can on the decorated paper .. which can be wrapping paper. In this way we will know how much paper we are going to need to cover the can.

Use the brush and cover the entire can with glue, then line with the decorative paper … it can also be cloth, so that it stays well glued.

Finally, add one or two layers of lowered glue with a little water, in the outside area … if it is paper, do not worry that the white will soon disappear, becoming transparent.

Let the glue dry well and then add the soil, the fertilizer, plant the plant you want and water a little!

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