Types of cucumber

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave some of the general varieties of cucumber that you can find for planting.

If you want to plant cucumber now for the summer, I tell you that there are in general three types of these. One is the short cucumber and the gherkin, the medium long and long cucumber.

One by one I commented that the first, the short cucumber and pickle is a Spanish type. Its varieties are a small fruit, rather about 15 cm long.

cucumber "src =" "width =" 460 "height =" 288 "srcset =" content / uploads / 2013/05 / pepino.jpg 460w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 460px) 100vw, 460px "/> Its skin is green and is usually accompanied by yellow stripes or white. This cucumber is usually used for consumption or beauty treatments.</p>
<p>Another type of French cucumber is the medium long. The length is larger than the previous one, you can find them with a measure of between 20 to 25 cm.</p>
<p>Some of these fruits have thorns and their skin is smoother than the previous type we just saw .. the skin of the French cucumber may contain minipepine.</p>
<p>Finally, the Dutch-type cucumber is called long. You can find it with a length that clearly exceeds 25 cm.</p>
<p>These types of cucumbers are usually thinner and clever skin … with fewer grooves like all the previous ones. In addition the size of the leaves of the plant is much larger than the others.</p>
<p>Now that you know a little more about cucumbers, you can plant them even in your home. Remember that you can plant them both in soil and in a pot.</p>
<p>They are not so complicated to take care of, on some occasion we have explained some of their characteristics.</p>
<p>Finally I tell you that cucumber can be used both for eating in salads and other dishes, and for making masks.</p>
<p>I hope this article is very useful. Thank you very much for reading!</p>
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