Types of pots for growing Orchids

Good morning friends, today I would like to talk about some types of existing pots to grow Orchids.

These beautiful and beautiful flowers are widely used ornamentally, and we have seen them in baskets, vases, baskets, cetas and all kinds of supports.

But today I would like to talk about pots made of clay, of which they are made of plastic and wooden baskets … all for growing or transplanting the Orchids.

particularly it is a flower that I love, from its colors and its aroma, to its beautiful petals and attractive lines.

If you want to grow Orchids a good way is to do it in clay pots, this type of pot is perfect for varieties such as Cattleyas or Epidendrum.

It is best that these types of pots have holes in the bottom and sides, so we will facilitate drainage .. we will also need to water often due to good drainage.

Another good idea to decorate with orchids is the use of plastic pots, these are ideal for varieties such as Paphiopedilum, Cymibidum, Phaleanopsis and many other species which need more moisture …

Remember that plastic pots retain more moisture than others made in another material, so it is good to also make holes. Finally we will talk about baskets, to grow orchids.

The wooden baskets, for me one of the most attractive and inspiring to give life to our spaces, are some of the cheapest.

The plant usually lasts a long time, in these types of baskets .. they have a great appeal and usually have good ventilation for the roots of the plant. Epiphytic species are ideal for this type of wooden pot.

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