Types of Roses - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Types of Roses – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Dear friends, today in Decor and Gardens, we would love to talk about the different types of roses. Obviously we cannot cover them all and we will have time to talk in detail about many of them in other articles.

There are many different types of varieties, practically infinite … in fact flower lovers can create their own unique species. We can differentiate them through their colors, the flowers, their charming perfumes, the history of each one and some of its details.

The pink is a plant and it has been one of the most worked that exists .. it may be due to its attractive forms and its so intoxicating perfume, so it has been manipulated to obtain different varieties.

To give you an idea, there are, cataloged, more than 30,000 varieties in the world and with the new year more types of these beautiful plants appear.

From gardening, in general, three groups of these beautiful plants are usually divided or made: Wild species –born in nature-, the ancient rosebushes –roses before 1867– and modern rosebushes –after 1867

Within wild rose bushes We can say that the rest of the roses descend from this type. Within this group we see some of the best known species:

Rosa banksiae, Rosa canina, Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena, Rosa eglanteria, Gallica rose, Rosa pimpinellifolia, Rosa rugosa, Rosa virginiana.

Within the ancient rosebushes We found the first hybrid of Tea -La France- These plants are not usually as well known to the public but are very strong and robust. They also do not require great care and have few problems with pests or diseases. Among them we see:

Alba, Borbonians, Centifolia, China, Damascene, Gallica, Perpetual Hybrid, Mossy, Noisettians, Patio, Portland, Sempervirens, Tea …

Finally the group of modern roses, is the best known or popular today. There is a higher number of varieties of this group… more than 95 percent of the rose bushes come from this group.

Here we leave you some groups of modern roses, so that you get to know their names: Shrubs, Tea Hybrids, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Polyantha, Climbers, Miniature, Upholsters …

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