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Unfertile land? Use green manure

If your lands are not very fertile, today I talk to you about green manure; Perfect for cultivating in those difficult lands and where nothing usually grows, this type of fertilizer is quite good you can try to see how it goes. If you have poor soil, do not throw in the towel, you can use some solutions to make them more fertile.

Do you know what green manure is? You can create it at home, it is a type of fertilizer that can be used for large land and make good plantings … In this way the green fertilizer is exclusive to add them to the earth as a fertilizer and thus prepare future plantings.

It is composed of chopped and chopped plants that are placed underground. Shallowly bury the chopped plants, so that the content of organic matter inside increases. Improving the soil will be easier if you use this type of fertilizer. In this way you can plant wheat, oats, barley … a perfect planting for cold weather.

Take advantage of vegetable remains and straw remains, harvest and partially decomposed matter, to use as a mulch. In this way we will prevent the water from evaporating quickly and it also helps us to protect the soil structure when the rains begin.

If your problem is the appearance of weeds, this type of fertilizer is perfect to prevent their growth. There are different types of fertilizers that we can create at home, quietly. Green is one more and is perfect for difficult and complicated soils for the crop. You can have your own garden without so many problems and you will see your crops develop, if you work the soil well. I remember that if you have a land of these characteristics, you can try this type of fertilizer, a great and natural product. I hope your results! What do you think?

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