Urbium Vertical magnetic garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Urbium Vertical magnetic garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning to all! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about vertical gardens. On other occasions we have addressed this issue, but today we will dedicate it to talk about other options and alternatives such as magnetic vertical gardens.

On many occasions we comment that the decoration with the help of plants and beautiful flowers can revive harmony and the source of life in our decoration. Seeking tranquility in spaces does not mean that we cannot create stunning and colorful combinations.

This year we put a green touch in every home from here, Decoration and Gardens. If you want to add joy to your rooms and give brushstrokes of bright colors, nothing like plants.

Either to brighten the environment, how to harmonize and reflect it … flowers and plants are a good decorative instrument. Every home would need a little green touch … but we also know that sometimes it can't be ..

Either because of space problems, sometimes we would have to resort to flowers and plants of scarce dimensions, but if we also have companion animals that have fun taking out soil or playing with plants, maybe putting the pots on the floor or table does not Be a good idea.

But there are always other exits such as hanging them from the ceiling or making a great green wall or vertical garden, whatever you want to call it.

Urban gardens this time we propose an impressive vertical garden, dreamed for those people who do not have space, or who have a pet that loves plants.

Urbio is a fantastic modular system whose magnetic support, which is attached to the pots themselves, are ideal for transporting the beauty of plants to the walls of many places.

Not only from your home, Urbio can be taken to any wall, its magnetic power includes all kinds of pots, of various sizes – small, medium and large-

The frames for each pot are completely individual, this means that we can put it in the metal support exactly where we want.

This fantastic conceptual proposal is undoubtedly a good idea … in general it is about being able to convert almost any metal surface into a great vertical garden. The materials used to make Urbio are ecological.

For Urgio to work, magnets of great power have been placed, so they can hold any pot of almost any weight.

Remember that all the pots belong to the modular system, that is, we can adapt them to almost any type of wall.

We can create beautiful combinations, even using them as centerpieces. What has undoubtedly attracted us to Urbio is its great versatility.

Its design consists of very simple, clean and defined lines .. also one of the great virtues is that Urbio is a friend of the environment.

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