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Use of ornamental cabbages in your garden

If you want to make a floral composition you can use the ornamental sprouts. For some years there has been a tendency to exchange flowers for other species. Thanks to ornamental cabbages you can get interesting colors.

Its use as an ornamental plant has its origins in France, especially Villandry Castle, where you can see incredible flower beds formed by this plants.

Anytime buy ornamental cabbage You have to know that there are two types: the smallest and the largest. You can find the smallest ones in a small pot and they usually have a fully made head. If we are going to plant them we should know that they will not have a great development but will remain dwarf.

To be successful with cabbages you must have a larger container, so the leaves will become larger and a more striking color.

There is a large number of colors, among them the reddish and white tones, with smooth leaves. As the cold arrives the colors of its central part will intensify.

Before making the cabbage plantations, we must pay the land with an organic fertilizer. You can plant them by combining colors and textures. You can combine them with other species such as tulips, daffodils, primroses, thoughts.

It is important water the plants carefully, soaking the substrate in its entirety without flooding it. It must be kept moist throughout the crop. If it dries in the germination stage or when it has just been planted, the seedlings will die. It is important to plant ornamental cabbage when the temperatures are moderate, if it is very cold it is best to place them in pots inside a mini greenhouse.

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