Uses of the orange

Good morning friends! today I leave some uses you can make, of the orange, apart from eating it. This delicious fruit is perfect to refresh in summer, our mouths .. its delicious flavor makes it ideal to eat as a dessert, alone or add it to a dish.

But in addition to grow it to eat it, you can also do many more things with them .. even decorate our home with beautiful centerpieces, smelling of orange.

In winter, although now it does not stick much, the dried shell is perfect for lighting fire since these have oils that swell inside.

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<p>I have ever commented on it, but orange is a specialist in adding a pleasant smell to our spaces. If you want you can use it as an air freshener .. you just have to nail, seasoning cloves, on the entire surface of the fruit.</p>
<p>Something important is that if you have an orchard or a garden where some animals approach and are not to your liking, you can use it as a repellent.</p>
<p>If you are tired of animals like cats entering the garden or roam your home leaving the bowel movements .. you can do one thing, mix the shell with coffee beans and add it to the place where the feces leave .. you will see how they leave.</p>
<p>The orange is perfect to eliminate the ant that may be in your garden .. you just have to look for the anthill and pour in it a paste of orange peels with a little warm water .. This can be done with a blender.</p>
<p>In addition, orange is perfect for degreasing and cleaning our home leaving a rich citrus aroma. To do this you just have to put some fruit peels in a bowl, press them and add vinegar to cover them.</p>
<p>Let stand 10 days and after this you will have achieved a great cleaner for your home .. ideal to have everything well flavored and degreased. You can also do this with lemon.</p>
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