Varieties of bromeliad plants

We will refer to the different varieties of bromeliads, epiphytic plants.

Aechmea chantinii
It is a plant that grows in the form of a bush, inside it forms a kind of open rosette where the irrigation water is housed. Its leaves are quite hard, with serrated edges. The flowers of this plant are characterized by being maintained for several weeks. They are ideal for areas where temperatures are not below 18 degrees throughout the year.

For its correct development it needs a humid atmosphere and good lighting, although it does not need direct exposure to the sun it is necessary to be in areas with lots of light. We recommend a watering with soft water that is not too cold.

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This is another of the best known species of bromeliads, in this case it is characterized by blooming only once, after this the plant dies. When it blooms you can see some beautiful and delicate blue flowers, which last very little time in the plant. When the flower withers the same happens with the plant that begins to die. By then it will have already produced different stems that are the ones used for multiplication.

Aechmea fulgens
Its leaves are very soft to the touch, the color of them is olive green with a purple bottom. The flowers are presented in a kind of open spike, with oval berries that appear in reddish tones with purple flowers at the tip.

They grow optimally in sites with semi shadows or very bright, they require abundant humidity. To keep your leaves healthy it is advisable to clean them with a clean cloth dampened with water. Watering should be done in the kind of hole that leaves form.

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