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Varieties of ferns – Ideas for gardens and decoration

There are different ferns that you can have in your home, each of them requires special care that you should know.

Scientific name: Cyrtomium falcatum. It is a special that is very easy to grow. Ideal for decorating any environment, its green leaves are a beautiful dark green color. Its shapes are pointed, which makes it quite original. It can reach 60 centimeters in length, each of the leaves can reach 7 centimeters in length, they grow asymmetrically from a common brown nerve.

Although it adapts easily to all environments, the ideal would be to place it in a well-lit area of ​​the house with a warm temperature and enough humidity, it is not necessary to water it too much. This type of fern can also live outside (in case the winters are not too cold). The ideal temperature for optimal development ranges from 13 to 18 degrees. It is easily multiplied by the division of the bush whenever there is a piece of rhizome.

Cabriña or canary fern
Scientific name: Davallia canariensis. It is a fern that has its origins in the Canary Islands. It has particular triangular rhizomes. Its color is an intense green color, very bright.

The roots of this plant can be seen dragging on the surface. It is an ideal plant for decorate any interior. The fundamental thing is that you receive a good amount of light and that the environment is warm and humid. In the hot season it is advisable to spray the plant frequently, the water should not have lime and should be warm.

You can pay the goat fern during spring, at this time we also advise you to make a cut of the rhizome pieces if necessary.

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