Vases X & Y Light Pots

Vases X & Y Light Pots

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We would love to tell you about a collection of vases to decorate both the interior and the exterior of our home.

With all our love, we present X & Y Light Pots, a collection of impressive vases and vases to decorate your surfaces.

We got a lot of attention X&Y Light Pots, since without losing the shape of simple vases, they surprise us with their original lights.

Some vases of the most personal, if you are looking for an original decoration, you will not be able to miss them.

X & Y Light Pots offer us a very dim light, to acclimate our spaces in an elegant and romantic.

In addition, the lights that come off turn out to be very relaxing, ideal to have them in the interior decoration, distributed by the rooms or for outdoor areas, next to the pool .. on the table .. in the window.

If you like romantic spaces or zen style, meditative … enjoy these beautiful vases and think of the places that would be great for you.

The light that comes off is ideal because it does not bother to read or rest, but it is enough to see where you step and the person you want to kiss …

Giuseppe Colonna Romano He is the great artist who has designed these original vases X & Y Light Pots … bright and simple lines … spectacular vases that we can decorate with great synthetic, dried flowers or our garden.

Remember that X & Y Light Pots acts as a flower vase Normal, we can put the flowers that we like and also add water.

You can water your plants quietly, X & Y Light Pots, they are specially designed for that. Some fun vases whose inner sheet separates the water from the light it emits … in this way we will not be electrocuted.

We have several ways to choose more or less cylindrical, we can also choose the color of the light that we like the most.

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