Vertical Gardens - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Vertical Gardens – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Surely we will have heard about vertical gardens. This is an excellent solution for places that do not have open spaces, do not have a garden or patio to grow plants.

The green walls They are original and a great solution to the problem of space. If you are interested in placing a ecological panel or a green wall you can't miss space today.

The world of decoration is full of ideas and fantastic new projects that we can take to our home. There are different types of these vertical gardens.. so the one we choose will depend on what we are looking for, the space we have and the taste we have.

He thinks that the different systems also differ in the degree of complexity that their maintenance requires … however the advantages are multiple … on the one hand they do not take up space since they are arranged on the wall you want … in this way they can be so large as the dimensions of the wall you choose.

In addition with this we can enjoy a beautiful garden full of elegance and style, with very original touches .. and implement the green in our decoration. These gardens are very practical, brings freshness to the environment.

If you decide you must remember that installing any of these plant walls is quite simple, also in the market we can find a wide range of this type of garden .. with different dimensions and styles .. we can also choose different colors. The prices are also different depending on the type of maintenance and how big it is.

Search at all times what you need, remember that if you do not have too much space locating a too large green wall could influence the loss of useful surface perhaps for some chairs, a small table … etc. Find the ideal size for your home.

Here are a couple of examples of these plant walls, the pot VertVert It is very curious. It consists of small containers that make us grow small plants and flowers, one just above the other.

In the market we will see very original pots of cheerful and varied colors to complete the wall .. the fantastic idea of ​​putting a vertical garden at home, either inside or outside, is a great possibility to create fresh spaces, where the Own lack of space makes it difficult or impossible to have a traditional garden.

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