Caracteristicas de los jardines victorianos

Victorian Gardens

The gardens that have a Victorian style They are characterized by being classic, in some cases with an excess of decoration and for having abundant plants. Normally they are exhibition gardens where peace and tranquility is sought. It should be noted that they are areas that require a large budget for maintenance.

This type of garden began to be seen since the early 1600s, they were used to feed the cities that suffered attacks or were in danger of being attacked. In subsequent wars they had the purpose of complementing food rationing. Today they are an excellent alternative to bring children closer to nature.

Elements that cannot be missing in a Victorian garden

Large number and diversity of plants. These gardens have numerous massifs of plants, in addition to decorative pots with striking and exotic species. If it is a garden with some years you will notice the importance that is given to trees, shrubs and hedges, all cut in geometric shapes. The area dedicated to the lawn should be very neatly cut.

Formality in the elements. This type of garden incorporates many ornaments and decorative structures that favor decoration, winding gravel roads are classics of this type of decoration, as well as benches, pergolas, fountains, greenhouses for tropical plants.

The most used material is wrought iron. While you can also see elements of stone, wood or brick. Always presented in formal designs.

Among the colors that are most used in Victorian gardens are white. Benches, arches, fences, pergolas and other structures should be painted that color.

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