Vintage decoration for the terrace

Good morning friends, in today's space we want to create a vintage style table on the terrace.

You already know that I always emphasize that you have to take advantage of these moments, to take advantage of your outdoor areas.

Adjust the terrace, the patio or the garden … have a relaxing area for lunch, snack, dinner or meet with our friends and family.

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<p>On this occasion I leave you a beautiful table, decorated with vintage air .. perfect for outdoor spaces.</p>
<p>Also if you like this style, you will surely like this type of table and many of its accessories.</p>
<p>In stores like Maison du Monde, you will find accessories, elements and furniture for your outdoor areas.</p>
<p>These furniture are also beautiful, a great claim for vintage-style spaces.</p>
<p>In any case, you can use old and more fresh and modern elements to obtain an effect similar to that of photography.</p>
<p>As you can see, this time, the terrace has a center to eat and relax quietly while having coffee with friends or family.</p>
<p>The table is made of wood, but it is made with pieces of planks nailed to each other … respecting a bit the naturalness of this material and its grain.</p>
<p>The tablecloth is white, so the composition stands out with the color of the wood. The chairs, also in the latter material … have natural fibers where the seat.</p>
<p>The fruits go in old baskets and containers .. some with foot to give that vintage effect that we are looking for.</p>
<p>The strong point, to my liking, are the candlesticks and the jug of water .. both old or with this effect.</p>
<p>They are large, robust and of a color that is seen to have passed the time for all of them. To give a cheerful touch to the table, white flowers have been placed.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=Eatsy

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