Vintage style in the garden

Good morning friends, in today's space I will love to give you a great idea in vintage style. If you like this style, be inspired by any of these images!

I love them when I've seen them! A garden, quiet, cheerful and green … and all decorated with elements, furniture and accessories in vintage style.

If you like this style, you will surely love the images. Yesterday in Decoration 2.0 we saw how to decorate with some trunks, an article that I love.

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<p>Today we see how to do this and also how to provide the garden with a beautiful vintage style. Ideal for decorating larger spaces, this set consists of a sofa, a side table and a coffee table.</p>
<p>The sofa is Chesterfield type, perfect to bring a touch of English style to the whole. In addition we see it in a beautiful pink stick, it is not strident and gives a good color to the image in total.</p>
<p>Next we see a beautiful three-foot side table. It is small, but perfect to put the tea and then serve it, an outdoor lamp or a vase with flowers.</p>
<p>In the center we see how they have set, simulating the table or doing their same function, a great trunk.</p>
<p>The trunk has two functions here, the first decorative .. a piece of furniture that has been torn apart by the passage of time and was once light blue.</p>
<p>In addition to acting as a decorative table, you can also fill it with blankets, pillows, slippers and other things to have a good day reading in the garden.</p>
<p>On this trunk there are two small and striking vases, with white flowers. In the center a vase more square-looking, reminiscent of the napkin rings of the bars.</p>
<p>On this it has also put some white flowers and pink stick .. perfect to complete the whole set.</p>
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