estudio estilo vintage

Vintage style studio

Good morning friends, you know what I love to talk about different styles and ways to implement green in our decorations. For this, today I choose to talk about this study style vintage.

If you love to mix items, home accessories and furniture old, with more modern styles and colors .. welcome to the vintage world.

Any space and corner can be transformed into a pleasant vintage style .. they can be only details, rooms or the House whole

Today, for example, we enter an area of job.. this can be located in your own home or outside.

But if you have access to decorate it and you are a true lover of vintage style and decoration … here I give you this example.

Stone walls in gray, worn by the passage of time .. where the cement is seen in some recesses .. that reveal some bricks.

As an organizer, for all types of documents, they have put wooden boxes, some in white and others of the same color of this noble material.

The desk is a table made with a structure and a plank in green, also discolored by time.

The tables go together with the wood and this green color, whose areas where the paint was lost, reveals the iron structure underneath.

As you see a quiet place to work and study, if you like vintage .. of course with this decoration you will not complain.

To give a green and new touch, we see that plants dominate the situation. Facing a place of sober colors and shades lost by the path of time .. this magnificent color opens, decorating some quite artistic and innovative pots like the one that is face down on the ceiling.

The ceiling is full of hanging plants, there are also some small pots on the table.

As a final and nice touch we can see in the background a poster of flowers and leaves of plants.

Photo: beeofdesign

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