Water boots like pots

Water boots like pots

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to give new use to all our water boots. Yes, I have not gone crazy .. we will use them as planters!

If you are looking for a curious and friendly decoration for the terrace, the patio, the garden or your balcony .. this arrangement is great and will attract a lot of attention. Its attractive finish is perfect for both large spaces and small spaces.

We all have water boots, some of them don't even wear it … so before throwing them in, it is preferable to recycle them by giving them another utility. In this case, different colored water boots have been used to make great compositions.

The end result is a beautiful vertical garden that we can put to decorate any wall that we have in white and without decorating.

In this case they are children's water boots, colored, cheerful and friendly. Once they have been small, instead of throwing them we can use them as planters .. it is very simple!

A very colorful result that will brighten up all your spaces … just hang them up to the height you want, fill them with soil and fertilizer … and plant our favorite flowers!

Think that the process is the same as if we planted any type of plant in a normal pot, we just have to see it that way.

As we have said, we fill the boot with soil, try to get it to the tip area … pay, plant and go!

It is very important to practice some holes in the sole of the boots, these will serve to have good drainage when we water our plant. As you can see everything is thought!

Choose low boots, if possible .. they are much easier to handle and fill with dirt. But you can also do it with adult boots.

Remember that this idea is good especially for outdoor areas, because inside it could wet the floor and ruin the cleanliness of the home .. anyway we could put something underneath so that it soaks, if you want to place them inside your home .

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