Water lentils how to remove them?

Water lentils how to remove them?

I particularly love water lentils, but do you know how to remove them? In today's article I leave some tips to get rid of the lentils of water that you have swarming through the waters. Remember that these types of plants cover large areas of water and in a short time the pond will be full of them like a large green blanket.

If you have life in your pond, like little fishes, water lentils will end up removing all traces of this life and other plants that share the same place. If they become a big problem, you can eliminate them manually with the help of a network.

If there are many of these lentils, a great help is air. With the wind you must take to the shore, these little friends; not being in contact with water they dry and die. If you have weeds or plants, around the pond, it might be convenient to remove some so that there are greater drafts.

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<p>A very interesting option is to make us with Koi fish; these animals are dedicated to eating the lentils, so that their growth is perfectly controlled. Of course, they will not eat all but keep them at bay.</p>
<p>There are also other types of animals that can help keep the excessive growth of water lentils under control. For example birds like the duck, they can do it … yes, these little friends pollute the water a lot with the droppings … so you should have the pond clean.</p>
<p>There are people who do not like this type of plant, in the ponds, because they think that the landscape is not very pleasant. I think that if they are under control, they are also plants with their own beauty … yes, always remember that control is necessary so that they do not grow excessively.</p>
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