Water Lentils - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Water Lentils – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to tell you about a small plant, nice, floating and that we will love when we know it even better.

Surely you've ever had to see the ones known as water lentils or, as the name Lemna minor indicates. The Lemna Minor They are beautiful and nice plants from the Lemnaceae family.

Its origin dates back to Europe and North America, they are beautiful and very curious plants that float and reproduce so quickly that you don't even realize it.

If you have a pond at home, in the garden or a beautiful fountain .. you can always add some lentils, although we must be careful since its reproduction is very fast and could become a pest that does not let sunlight pass through the water.

Water lentils are ideal for decorating our water areas, as great things are not necessary for them to develop and reproduce in conditions. For example they develop perfectly in full sun, in the middle of the sun or in the shade.

We will all recognize these small plants or at least once you will have seen them, they are very small and simply consist of leaves that float on water.

The lemnna is an ideal and perfect plant especially for ponds or slow currents. We also recommend you to be careful and control the development of the plant because it is quite fast and could become an invasive species.

As a curiosity we tell you that this plant can perfectly serve as food for herbivorous fish, in addition the plant is perfect to prevent algae from growing and the water becomes very hot.

Reproducing by lateral sprout, they reach a great speed only from a few. We just want to cool the water and give it a more natural touch, but it is not convenient for a large layer to form because it covers the surface so much that the sun does not penetrate and we will not be able to see the bottom … just take it out by handfuls.

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