Water the orchids

Water the orchids avoiding mistakes

In the moment of to water the orchids must take into account the importance of avoiding excess water, as this can be very harmful to the health of your plants.

If you notice that your orchid plant does not look too good and the symptoms are visible, it may be due to excess water. In these cases it will be necessary to place the plant in a pot of growth substrate.

Source: Stella Marias

You should also cut with a scissors of prune dead roots or in the process of decomposition, especially if the roots are full of black fungi. In these specific cases, fungicide must be placed on the plants before placing them in their new pot.

Always use a new and very thick substrate, with a good texture, otherwise the roots will dry quickly and the plants They will not be able to stabilize. In the event that the plant has an excess of water, it will surely end up with few roots due to the treatment that must pass, to be able to anchor well to the new substrate a wooden stake and soft pita must be used so that it can be affirmed.

If the plant has no more healthy roots, experts recommend place the plant in a plastic bag transparent. The bag will help the plant not lose its moisture and the evaporation of water itself will help to keep the daughters. The bag should be placed where it receives a good amount of light indirectly, never put it in direct sun since the plant will die quickly. When the roots begin to be born, place the plants on a tray of water.

In some cases you can sin by don't water the orchids too much, a common mistake is to spray the leaves with water and not give it the necessary amount for the substrate. Among the most common symptoms of this problem is the plant that looks wilted, but the roots remain healthy, or it shows weak with leaves that are easily released.

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