Way of Leaves - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Way of Leaves – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to give you a great idea to decorate your entire garden.

If you have a garden, here we leave you this fantastic proposal. Very simple to perform and adding a little patience, we will see the most attractive results.

When you design a garden, it is important to condition it to be maximized without damaging it; that is, it is a place where the family can travel without harming the plants.

An interesting option is to place mosaics to make a garden path.

In the market you can find them in the most diverse materials, but if you have a little cement at home, you may be interested in these instructions to make some mosaics for the yard Original and very simple, even children can help you with this task.

To make this path you just need some cement and some large leaves of a plant. The mosaic will be the same size as the sheet, so look for them as large as you need.

Start preparing the cement, following the instructions on the packaging. Spread the leaves with the back side up, this is so that the ribs are exposed

Place a more or less thick layer of cement on the sheet, spreading it very well and exerting some pressure, so that the veins and ribs of the sheet are transferred to the cement.

Repeat this for each mosaic you wish to make. Let dry, take off the leaf. Dig a little in the ground and place the mosaic.

As you can see, it is not very complicated to design a beautiful path or path, within our garden.

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