We have seen ... pots made with bags

We have seen … pots made with bags

In today's space we will talk about an idea … quite curious and original. What do you do with your bags? there are people who use them to transport things and certain elements. Whether for purchase or for a ride, bags are a very recurring method of transportation.

This time we bring a nice idea seen in Holland -Amsterdam- We all know that when we travel we find something new to discover, in this case we want to tell you about a small cafeteria where more than your coffee catches the attention of the planters.

And is that each of the pots that decorated the place are made with bags … yes, shopping bags, to carry things .. simple bags that make this coffee something exceptional.

I thought I had seen everything, in terms of decoration, but now I see that novel ideas are always there. So if you have a nice bag that you do not want to throw away, but that does not help you at all .. today we leave you this simple decorative solution for your outdoor environments … well prepared, they can be great.

Each of us adds a personal touch to our home, we provide our own tastes in terms of colors, elements, furniture … and in this case a great pots made with recycled bags.

Of course they should be bags that resist the weight and water well … because these bags will be filled with soil, up to their stops so that the plant does not fall.

Obviously, these bags are made of plastic, so it will resist moisture and water much better, as well as weather agents.

The colors you choose will depend only on you, if you want me to do it together with the rest of the decoration .. in this case we can see them in red and white.

Plant what you like best! Flowers, plants, shrubs … almost any outdoor plant can be grown in these curious plastic bags … If you are going to throw them it costs nothing to try them. As you can see in the picture, it seems that the plant is found only in the bag with soil and fertilizer, but they do not have a pot inside.

If you have many bags at home, before throwing away .. you know how you can help recycle and be more responsible with your environment. Reuse is always a great solution, even with a method as curious as this.

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