Biennial plants

What are biannual plants and what differentiates them?

Although when we see plant species we can be sure that most of them fall within what can be called “annuals”, it is also true that others appear biennial plants among which we want to mention which are the most outstanding characteristics but not only that, but also what differences are what make them special with respect to most others in the world.

Bi-annual plants: description and characteristics

The first thing we should mention about biannual plants, is that they are not named that way because they live only 24 months, but that their secret is precisely that their life cycle, of life, takes them that time to complete. That is to say, one part of his life is spent in a given year and the other in the following, and as you can see, they require much more patience on the part of garden lovers who bet on them.


To give you a more concrete idea of ​​what we have been saying, we can point out that biennial plants are normally sown in summer or autumn of a given year, but they do not bloom in the next spring, but in the year that follows. Of course, as you have probably heard little about them, that has to do with the fact that there are not many species of biennials used in gardening.

Biannual by zones

In addition, in a country with temperatures as different by regions as Spain, The biannual plants that are like that in Madrid where we can find frost in this part of the year, become perennial in other parts, such as Malaga. Of course, it is hot there almost all year, and that allows them to always keep florid, because they do not feel so much the changes that occur in terms of climate.

Do you know any biannual plants that you can mention?

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