What are the trees for?

What are the trees for?

In today's article we tell you a little about trees and why are they so beneficial to planet Earth and living beings. Keep in mind that these wonderful specimens are the oldest living beings on the planet. They have had a long life, we can even hear legends or traditions about them.

Trees are also plants that have a large simple stem. With age the ramifications of the lower zone are losing them, in this way the so-called trunk is seen. All trees are plants with seeds, some have flowers and other fruits.

In the area above, which varies in length according to the tree, this whole area is more or less branched. In general, trees are classified into two large groups, the evergreen and the deciduous.

There are trees of all kinds, with millions of different names … but we want to explain the importance or benefits that both wild vegetation, such as controlled or urban vegetation … bring us these large plants.

If we talk about the city, he thinks that in addition to being great as a decorative landscape, they certainly bring to the earth and us a series of fantastic benefits.

For example, a fairly important one is that trees planted in cities muffle their density and noise, annoying sounds are less heard.

In addition, trees also serve as a barrier preventing or dispersing contaminating particles such as smoke, soot, dust and others. Normally these particles are deposited in the vegetation through sedimentation by gravity, by the action of the wind or by accumulation of precipitation.

In addition to this the foliage of the trees helps to assimilate the debris from the air particles, thanks to this and its volume. They help in the absorption of carbon dioxide, replacing this with oxygen to the atmosphere … this is a very important point, trees renew the air wherever they are.

They also help regulate the temperatures in the area where they are found thanks to the shade they cast. This shadow, in addition, is perfect for the people we walk, for the elderly in the middle of summer.

They also reduce unpleasant odors, prevent erosion of hillsides with them, favor privacy in certain houses with swimming pools or private houses, also help restore urban fauna, help water infiltration and aquifer recharge … all this without counting that favor the economy thanks to fruit trees …

As you can see, we must take care of these little ones since they are of vital importance for the planet.

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