What is a Bonsai? - Ideas for gardens and decoration

What is a Bonsai? – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Do you love them Bonsai? You don't know exactly what they are, but would you like to have some? Today in Decoration and Gardens, we will love to talk about these beautiful plants that we all get drunk with their beauty.

Think of a Bonsai as a vivacious plant, whose trunk is woody. So as a plant you need your care and attention that we will explain in another space, later.

In China long, long time ago – at least 2000 years ago – the great art of bonsai began … but later it was in Japan who would give the necessary strength to continue his adventure to this day.

The name itself, of this vivacious plant, is composed of two Japanese graphic signs … BON whose meaning is Recipient and SAI, which means tree … that is a tree in a pot more or less … trees grown in pots … etc.

There are different methods to shape and create such beautiful compositions with these trees … one is using wiring, composition and certain pruning techniques.

But there are other types of techniques much more harmonious that do not require the use of objects and wires to shape the tree … this form is a much more harmonious for the plants themselves and in it different types of pruning are used.

If you want to have a beautiful Bonsai, remember that we can always get material in nurseries, of our own nature or perhaps trees from cuttings and / or seeds. If you have no patience … maybe you should start with an already grown one.

Although Bonsai may look like indoor species, remember that they are trees … and as such they are outdoor, they can live perfectly outdoors … but remember that they can also do it inside the house … yes, we must take into account the weather from our place of residence, as some species will adapt more easily than others.

Remember that we can find as many species of bonsai as trees.

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