What is earthworm humus and what is it for?

You just moved, you are trying to organize the garden of your new house a little because you used to live in a small apartment with nothing green, and one of your friends arrives and tells you that the plants do not grow because “earthworm humus” is missing. Of course, it is very possible that you have not understood a bit of what I wanted to tell you, and that is why we are going to teach you effectively what the earthworm humus is and what its more traditional uses are.

Earthworm humus, what is it?

As we said, earthworm humus may be necessary in some gardens, specifically in some better soils, because as worms eat plant debris and then excrete them, this fecal matter becomes a great ally for those who care for the green of their houses. If you know that you have worms, you will be able to see it in a rather black color, or even similar to the coffee bean, and you will also know that it has a more pleasant than unpleasant smell.


And what is it for?

Of course, then you will also wonder what the earthworm humus is for, and in this regard we must say that its uses are rather multiple, although all focused in the same direction, once we have added it to the earth. If we have a clay soil, the earthworm humus sponges it, it produces air; and if our soil is sandy, too loose, it also helps to compact it. That is, it serves in diametrically opposite situations.

And then there are other benefits equally clear that we can not fail to mention, among which are the fact that it helps us retain moisture in the soil, in addition to being an ally in the fight to get more air for the roots , and of course, It ends up being an excellent natural fertilizer due to its composition based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur and else.

Have you ever used earthworm humus? What other uses do you give it?

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