What is green manure?

What is green manure?

Good morning dear friends, following the thread of the previous space .. today we propose to talk about different types of subscription We commented yesterday as the green manure, the surface one, knowing how to separate it and some different ways of creating fertilizer at home.

If you have a large garden, of many square meters, think about making good use of the land and doing great plantings to enrich the land you have. Green manure It is when we make exclusive sowings to add them to the earth as a fertilizer and prepare this for future sowing.

Remember that to make green manure we must chop and chop some plants and bury these at a shallow depth of soil … before they bloom. Within the earth, the green manure will increase its content by organic material.

Did you know…? he green manure It is used above all to enrich bad lands where it is not possible to cultivate, impoverished lands that we want to see fertile to plant and make them easier to work.

On vacation we can experience and improve the soil based on green manures … so we can plant for example soybeans, corn, sorghum … in winter we could grow beans, clovers, wheat, oats, barley …

Now the surface fertilizer It will be the contribution of organic matter that we have located on the surface that we are going to fertilize. For this we can take advantage of some plant materials such as the remains of straw, harvest, slightly decomposed matter .. all this will also work as a mulch to prevent evaporation and, in addition, will help in protecting the soil structure when it rains.

East surface fertilizer, In addition to all of the above, it also prevents the appearance or growth of weeds so it will not be necessary to weed so much.

Well guys, as we have run out of time .. in the next article we will tell you some different ways to create natural fertilizer and, if you have time, how to separate the fertilizer step by step.

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