What is training pruning

pruning training

Even if you don't know, there are different pruning types in the yard for the trees and bushes, considering in the first instance that it is one of the most fundamental tasks that we must take into account whenever we want this part of our house to look really beautiful. Among all these pruning modes, we want to talk especially about the so-called “training pruning", one of the most importants.

The first thing that we should highlight in this regard is that pruning is necessary above all to guide growth of different species of plants, shrubs, and other elements as mentioned; and in the particular case of training pruning, the idea is to be able incentivize performance of fruits and flowering, so the overall appearance of the plant depends a bit on it.

Among the issues that we must take into account when talking about training pruning, meanwhile, there are some that are fundamental, such as the fact that it should be carried out whenever the plant be young, because that way we can affect much more elements like its growth, orientation, neatness, and many others.

Then, within the training pruning, we can not fail to mention that there are different variants of this technique, which, as some people put aside, does not allow them to achieve the best results in this regard.

For example, we can point out the glass pruning, which is one of the most used, especially in fruit trees. Pruning training in pyramid style It is also very common, although in its case its specific function has more to do with ornamental results, and we can also mention the central shape, used for fruitful, in addition to laces, which is used in smaller domestic gardens.

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