What to deal with heat for plant care

In the previous article we have referred to the importance of caring for heat plants through irrigation, today we will refer to the fundamental thing that is to protect them from direct exposure to sunlight.

Sun rays can end up deteriorating or burning flowers, leaves and different parts. It is convenient to place them in bright places that do not receive the sun directly. If this happens you can cover them with a shade cloth that acts as a filter.

A way of protect pot plants from excessive heat is to cover the outer face with a heather cloth. If the pot is going to be exposed for many hours you can place a pot inside it so that the fabric receives the most intense heat. In all cases the pots can be moved from the walls, since they radiate a lot of heat when they are exposed to high temperatures.

The gardens can have their soils with a large padding of organic matter, pine bark, little remains. This way you can retain moisture and prevent the surface from overheating.

Summer is a season when diseases and Pests appear more strongly. That is why it is essential to review all its parts and act when the smallest signal is seen.

With heat, plants usually require greater amounts of nutrients, especially at the flowering stage. That's why fertilizers and fertilizers are applied. The type and quantity will depend on the specimens.

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