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What to do when spots appear on the leaves

Some diseases and fungi can damage plant leavesIn addition to being an aesthetic problem they can cause serious inconvenience causing, in extreme cases, the plant to die. If you notice that your plants have stained their leaves do not stop reading the following article.


It is a disease that generates dark lesions on the stems of plants and their leaves. The lesions are well delimited with one or more concentric auras. After this lesion appears, the area will appear to be burned. In some other cases Anthracnose appears with irregular brown spot shape, the affected plants take a look as if they were sunburned.

To control the disease it will be necessary to remove the affected leaves and collect the ones that remain in the soil since otherwise the spores will be a new source of infection the following year. It is also advised to disinfect the garden tools so that the infection does not spread. After cleaning, a fungicide can be applied to prevent further damage to the disease. The treatment will be carried out two or three times more in intervals of up to 10 days.


This disease causes the affected areas to have black spots or very well defined brown spots, in some cases surrounded by concentric yellow auraoles. As the days go by and the disease progresses the spots grow and the area dries up.

It is also possible that the affected areas are filled with black fucking which ensures the reproduction of the fungus. It is a fairly frequent problem in poorly fed plants. Alternariosis treatments should be performed periodically every 10 to 15 days using fungicides.

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