What to do with broken pots?

Do you have broken pots or planters? Do not throw them, today I leave some interesting ideas that you can keep in mind. Who has not broken a pot? Over time the materials deteriorate and the pots become more fragile, so it is easier for them to tend to break or crack.

We may have hit it or it has fallen, the worst is when this happens just bought. But there are ideas to take advantage of these broken pots. Do you dare to decorate with them? Here I leave some great images that help to get some inspiration, to do it ourselves at home.

As you can see the pots shown are all broken, but with those pieces very beautiful sets have been formed. Some as if it were steps or a small waterfall, if they were, have placed plants and soil equally on them. Small plants, which last a long time and require little care are called Succulents. They will be perfect.

If the pot is small you can use plants, such as those mentioned, as they are small and easily adapts to the soil. In another model you can see that the pot has been painted in black, ideal for Halloween, and they have put some posters, between dry branches and somewhat macabre ornaments, ideal for that special day.

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<p>As you see decorating with broken pots, it is a quite unique idea but with a wonderful result. A great idea is to mount a small miniature in the pot, the model of a huge house, with its small trees and some real succulents that go down. The broken pieces, of the sherds, you can glue them the way you want inside or outside the pot itself.</p>
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