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When to make the collection of vegetables

There are certain guidelines that you should keep in mind when collecting vegetables from your garden. The time of harvesting depends on the planting, the climate and the variety. Today we will give you some examples.

Tomato harvest
Tomato harvesting is done in a staggered and long way. It usually starts between 10 and 12 weeks after planting. You can also take it out as you need it. Experts advise picking tomatoes before the first frosts appear, especially if they are green.

They can be stored in a warehouse or room extended on a straw surface so that they mature naturally.

Pepper Collection
In this case they can also be harvested while being green, just before it begins to ripen. If you want to pick ripe ones they should be consumed quickly or kept roasted. In the case that they are going to be used in a seasoning, they should be fully ripened and kept in a dry place.

Keep in mind that if you collect them when they are green the plant can develop others in its place, so the harvest will increase. Remember to cut the fruits leaving a corner of 2 to 3 centimeters.

Lettuce Collection
Lettuce plants should be picked when the bud is somewhat consistent. It is considered that two months must pass before the harvest, which will be the time before the flower rises to prevent it from taking a bitter taste. The plant should be cut by the base, flush with the ground.

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