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Where to place seasonal flowers

Thanks to the seasonal flowers you can fill your garden or balcony with color. These can be placed in beds, beds, rockeries, flower pots, planters. In addition some of them can be cut and thus decorate your house in a different and cheerful way.

The beds normally have a rectangular shape, are elongated and narrow with a hedge or wall bottom. If you plan to have several in your garden, we advise you to separate them by those that contain annual plants or those that have seasonal flowers.

Massifs are groups of flowers that can be seen from various garden sites. The shape of the massifs can be irregular (with curved edges) or regular (circle, square, rectangle, etc.).

In the case of flower beds we can tell you that they are irregular, that they differ because they are bounded by a border. This can be done with low shrubs that can be trimmed. In these cases the seasonal flowers serve as a kind of filling.

The flower beds have geometric shapes, these have been the basis of many classical, geometric gardens, large mansions and different historical palaces.

The seasonal flowers They can also be placed at the edges of the roads or surrounding a massif of bushes, in these cases it is called bordura. They have the advantage that every year you can change the flowers for a different species. So the aesthetic will change.

They are usually placed at the edges of the path that leads to the main door of the house. The best thing is that the flowers that we place on a bordura are of a single color, but it will be too much color.

These types of flowers can also be used in rockery, in these cases they will be associated with bulbous plants, shrubs and perennials.

In the case of pots and planters you will see how Seasonal flowers are ideal. A way to decorate terraces, porches, windows, balconies and interiors of houses that have good lighting.

Many species have flowers that can be cut, since they can keep their appearance for a good time after being cut. Among these plants we find: marigold, carnation of the poet, cosmos, lunaria, poppy, lattice. Remember that flowers should never be cut in the hottest hours of the day, it is best to do well early in the morning or at dusk. Inside the house the cut flowers should be treated as if they were an indoor plant.

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