Why create homemade compost?

Why create homemade compost?

When enriching the land, the use of artificial fertilizers from those found in the market is also avoided in an ecological garden.

No one pays for the forests, which feed on what they produce and not only continue to function but enrich themselves.

This can also be done in an ecological garden, which is like a small plot of forest. The plant remains produced by the garden can be used to generate compost very simply, because you only have to stack the cut grass, the pruning remains, the last fruits and all the possible plant remains at a point in the garden, whether in the air free or in a container prepared for this purpose.

The fermentation of the remains of the bottom of the heap generates heat that accelerates the decomposition and transformation into compost, which worms and other animals and fungi help.

The maintenance of this natural composting system is very simple and you just have to periodically remove the compost to aerate it and avoid extreme fermentation that generates products such as sludge or somewhat toxic gases, although this does not have to occur and does not pose any danger to the health more than some dizziness from bad smells.

A garden thus maintained does not need to prune its garbage and these same remains are returned to the ground every spring turned into fertile compost. As you can see, making homemade compost is quite beneficial and economical.

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