Why decorate with plants

Why decorate with plants

Good morning dear friends! Today in our space we will talk about some ideas to decorate our home with plants.

Introduce plants and flowers in the decoration of the house, either indoors in pots, in a small garden, in the garden, balcony or terrace .. the introduction of plants will not only give beauty to our homes .. they also benefit us for the Health.

Plants, in addition to a decorative article, give us much more thanks to all their properties. Some of us can ingest them and in this way they help our body in a certain way.

But they also oxygenate the environment. Having plants in the home will cause them to renew oxygen throughout the day.

This is quite positive for us, although it should be noted that the plants do not perform photosynthesis at night and consume oxygen … so in very small bedrooms it is not advisable to introduce them.

However, today we can find some plants that have combined the cycle of photosynthesis and can do so both during the day and at nightfall.

Plants relax us, produce this effect in the environment. Thanks to its color and beauty make our personal state have a sense of comfort and tranquility, also reduce stress.

Some plants and shrubs can act as screens against the external noise of our environment. Softening the same greatly.

On the other hand, plants influence even the skin, since they humidify the air and this makes the skin much more hydrated.

In places of work and study, it has been proven that plants increase the concentration and therefore the performance of people.

As you see the plants, in addition to their ornamental appearance, greatly improve our health .. starting with the air, purifying it and reducing pollution, harmful gases …

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