WIG a flower wig

WIG a flower wig

Good morning to all! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about a similar or similar proposal with the well-known Bloom my Buddy vases, which we will talk about later.

This time it is a lovely proposal by the young designer Tania Da Cruz. This ironic, dynamic and refreshing Portuguese is innovated in the world of design with fantastic vases .. for some of pure eccentricity, for others an original and elegant way to show your plants.

They are not classic or traditional ideas … this time we are faced with a mixture of functionality and aesthetics … some flower heads!

If you still don't know what it is WIG, don't worry we will show you. This name refers to a different type of pot, different from the rest. WIG It is the new pattern of vases … different from the conventional ones we see how it is a head, which can be feminine, full of holes where we can see the plants being born.

The ultimate goal will be to introduce certain plants and flowers through the holes in the head, so it will seem that we are seeing wigs of flowers.

A somewhat eccentric design that attracts attention wherever it goes. A human head, nothing conventional for this new designer. This beautiful piece is made of white ceramic.

The water of the plant is deposited in an internal section that WIG has, whose cylindrical shape is perfect so that it is not noticed. On this section is the outer head shape.

Once we have the water inside, just proceed to decorate the head .. as if it were any floral arrangement.

Invent the shapes and colors you like best, decorate your own head with different flowers and balanced creations. Make explosions of color using each hole .. and leaving others free. Look for dry branches and everything you can think of!

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