Wind-resistant trees - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Wind-resistant trees – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we want to talk about some trees wind resistant and that we can plant in some land that we have.

If you have a plot, a farm, a large garden or a patio, you may look for wind-resistant plants. In my area there is too much wind and it is necessary to plant some more resistant species.

If you have a similar problem, here are five beautiful species of trees that we can plant without fear of deterioration or thundering due to excess wind.

He Opaque Ilex or better known as American holly, it is a plant that can reach between 10 and 20 meters. Belonging to the European holly genus, it develops as an undergrowth of other larger trees. Ideal to protect birds and other animals during storms.

He myrtle It is a bush with many ramifications. Its leaf is perennial and can reach between 4 and 5 meters high. It has always been cultivated for its flowers and oils, especially in antiquity.

On the other hand the ash tree American is a rustic and very resistant tree. Its height will be around 20 meters. It is a fairly flexible tree, widely used to make furniture, sports equipment .. among others.

He Ginko Biloba It can reach 30 meters high. In its branching we can see longer and shorter branches. We can get the Ginkgo Biloba Gold autumn, which only reaches four meters .. perfect for gardens and courtyards.

Finally we talk about Zelkova Serrata, is of Asian origin and could reach up to 35 m. Its trunk can acquire up to two meters in diameter! A most windproof tree.

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