Winter flowering plants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Winter flowering plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we talk about our gardens in winter and how to make them look ugly.

During the coldest months of the year, we see how trees, shrubs, flowers … run out of leaves and we no longer see their usual color.

In a way, all seasons are wonderful, for some species more than others. But seeing leaves on the ground and the entrance of winter can also become a beautiful panorama.

If you do not want to see this landscape, in your garden, during winter … today we leave you some ideas such as planting bushes that do bloom in winter.

There are shrubs, which have a great flowering during the winter and the coldest months. One of these shrubs is the Forsythia, announces spring, it is bright and generous … we can see it in many gardens.

Ideal, also, to grow it on terraces .. it is the Gold Tide .. its size makes it good for slightly smaller places. Also for the garden 120 cm x 80, are its usual dimensions.

It can be grown in spring, and its flowering is the most beautiful … in golden color with a very simple touch to grow.

Another good bush is the Japanese quince, which can bloom throughout the winter. Its flowers are very beautiful, in an elegant white, pale pink, salmon and scarlet red color. A very beautiful bush.

You can choose the one you like best and give elegance to your corners, with this bush that reminds of the compositions of Ikeabana.

A bush with a graphic silhouette, beautiful and easy to grow. It supports the cold very well and we can put it in a pot. He likes the sun, but nothing happens if he gives the shadow, it must be well watered.

The camellias are also ideal for cultivation, the Hamamellis mollis, they have a delicious honey aroma and it is also a winter flowering shrub.

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