Winter Tips for the Garden

Winter Tips for the Garden

Good morning friends! In today's space we will give you some tips to take good care of our garden in the coldest months of winter.

Keep in mind that such low temperatures are a risk and one of the great enemies of many outdoor crops. If you want to enjoy your crops and develop them safe and sound, today we leave you some tips.

The hours of light decrease, the cold wind blows, the night frosts and the rains can ruin the crop, so something main is to grow something that can develop well with the type of soil we have and suitable for the climate of the place where you work.

In these cold days the development of plants and vegetables slows down. Choosing crops such as cabbage, arugula, beans, peas, escaroles or leeks are very good options since they perform quite well at this time.

The ideal is to plant in autumn, so we can pick them up in winter. If you want later you can add other crops, but it should always be in a sunny place so they will start up very healthy and strong.

Wind and frost are two great agents that initiate the slowdown of your plants and vegetables. Try adding something or protecting your crops from these two problems.

Sometimes you have to think if it is profitable to grow in a soil where winter is especially raw. In this way we can consider letting the earth rest during this time.

In December it is the ideal month to prepare the bacchanalia designed for the spring season and we can prepare the land, pamper it for next crops. Take the opportunity to eliminate weeds and add compost, nourish the soil .. etc.

Another way to help the land and significantly improve our crops is to rotate the crops. So I mean not always plant the same in the same place. Vary the crops so that the soil does not run out.

Avoid the appearance of pests, as far as possible, in this way it is good to cut the crop every so often so the insects run out of food.

We try to give you some tips to make your winter crops last longer, such as protecting them well from certain factors. But remember that this is not a good time for them.

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