Wedding in winter flowers

Winter wedding: three flowers to choose from

The year progresses, and it is very likely that in a short time we will find having a wedding in winter, so if the garden of your house has been the chosen place for it to take place, you should not forget to consider these coming tips about the best flowers we can choose for decoration, a really good idea because we will have everything neat and beautiful, and we will not spend so much money, of course.

The best flowers for a wedding in winter

Of course, the first thing we should keep in mind is that if we are going to be protagonists of a wedding in winter, in the garden or somewhere in the house, the decorations can come from the side of the flowers. In fact, not all of them are recommended at this time of year, many of them because they are difficult to achieve, and others because they do not really have anything to do with cold temperatures at the style level.


For example, if you have a winter wedding we recommend you in the first instance the anemones, considering that they are really widely used in winter wedding bouquets. One of the reasons that make them so recommendable is that their name comes from the Greek word whose meaning is wind, and there are many different shades.

Then we can not fail to mention another that we will call by its scientific name, the so-called “Lisianthus”, Which we can find in two colors especially good for when we have a winter wedding. We are talking about purple and calla, and in some places they are also known as eustoma, or "pretty face", also from Greek.

Finally, it is impossible to stop recommending for a winter wedding the Ranunculus, a rather strange name but which must be said to be used to name a really pretty flower, which is ultimately the most relevant. The good thing about your case is that it has a really beautiful clear white color, in addition to withstanding low temperatures without problems.

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