Wood Tile Floors

Wood Tile Floors

Good morning to all! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about wooden tiles. If you have a garden, a patio or maybe a terrace and you want to change the floor today we suggest some suggestions that can serve as inspiration or help.

If you want a nice and simple floor to place the wooden tiles They are perfect to cover your outdoor areas. Although both words seem to be found, it is a way of naming this floor made of slats and square pieces of wood.

We will find wooden tiles in two different types, the standard and the bamboo tiles with plastic base. The first, the standard type, are made of tropical wood. Slats and pieces that join together thanks to a lower frame of the same wood and a diagonal slat, thus have more stability.

When placing them is quite simple, first the floor must be level. Then you just have to place them on wooden battens, as if it were a floating platform or use plots that are like adjustable rubber feet.

Finally, bamboo tiles are very resistant to moisture. The floor should be very well leveled .. this time the tiles have a plastic base, like a kind of fabric joining each other by clicking.

Remember that we choose the type that is, among all the pieces there will be small slots that we will cover to prevent water from stalling in them.

One tip is before proceeding to put these types of soil, we can cover the ground with sheet geotextile .. in this way we will prevent the growth of certain herbs.

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