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Work pool? What I usually put around

If you are doing a construction pool and do not know what type of soil to put around, today I leave some examples of materials that will prevent certain accidents. I mean the slips, think about how dangerous it is to walk around the pool and that the floor is not non-slip … if you have children or just go in a hurry, the typical tiles are too slippery.

So we have to welcome beautiful, good and economical materials (as far as possible) You should meditate well on the soil that you are going to put around the liquid area, since there are many materials of different prices, but not all are the best at the time of good functionality. You can use the one you like best, but if you want it to be non-slip, you could use glass powder based paints.

This type of paint is used on the edge of the construction pool and you will see that it is perfect. In addition today there are many types of wooden floors for the outside; Really prepared floors that do not harm water or moisture. They are very resistant wooden floors and are spectacular.

You can also get a more expensive material that is white coral. It is beautiful, it is perfect but it is much more expensive than glass or wood dust. If your pocket is not a big problem for you, you can put around the white coral work pool. But there is a much cheaper material that, without a doubt, looks great and does not slip anything … I mean stoneware tiles.

The stoneware is very economical, its sandpaper surface is completely non-slip and you will see that you do not have to take any risk … especially if you have children and they love to run and jump into the water. In addition to the stoneware tiles you can find it in many different colors, some natural that can simulate the stone or even the terracotta.

Decide what floor you decide to put in your work pool, try to install the floor correctly so that the water does not seep underneath. We don't want puddles to form and the surface to last a little. What kind of soil do you have?

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