Your flowers in adorable Provencal vase

Your flowers in adorable Provencal vase

Good morning dear friends! Today we will dedicate our space to tell you about a great idea to decorate our home with fresh flowers from the garden, from our pots or purchased.

Although we can also decorate with flowers of fabric or plastic .. but it will be much better and will provide a great perfume to all corners of our home, if we do it with fresh flowers.

I love fresh flowers and if you want them to last longer, Decoration and Gardens you have many tips that can help you.

If you feel like decorating with flowers, you can buy a bouquet of the ones you like the most and then assemble it in your home, well decorated .. so that they will brighten up the whole house.

This time we are going to do it with a wonderful glass vase in the purest style of Provence. Add to this, some lace of different sizes and esparto rope .. a very romantic look.

Otherwise it is very simple, simply fill the glass vase chosen with water .. but before doing so, we will decorate it with some lace. These lace we hold them with a rope .. then we fill it with water.

You can put the folded lace, or maybe two lace of different sizes or different colors .. there are many types of combinations .. find yours and make great compositions.

As you can see it is very simple to decorate this way and you will see how each room decorates the house.

Remember to add an aspirin so that the flowers last much longer. This is one of the tricks we talked about and we talked on other occasions.

To finish and make it even more cute .. you can cut a piece of stem or some leaves and insert it between the lace and the rope.

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