Your Garden in the months of July

Your Garden in the months of July

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about summer months and above all about Julio. Remember that they are the months belonging to the hottest time of the year, so our garden, plants and flowers will have to take special care.

In this season we should be more attentive to ensure the welfare of our plants, such as grass if we have the same or other plants that should not be given too much sun. Maybe it's time to think about locating a shadow where we don't want it to give … or just switching to plants that need many hours of sunshine.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider during the hot months. In July we procure more water to our plants, to our garden or patio. Therefore, especially if you have a garden, it is best to use automatic irrigation when you can.

The best times to start it is at sunrise and at sunset … in this way we will be saving water and energy.

Another thing we should be careful with is to store the hoses and not leave them exposed to the sun for long hours. take care of plants that need more water than sun and trees, if you have one, they may need at least two minutes of watering once a week.

On the other hand we must stimulate your plants and their flowering, for this in addition to irrigation .. fertilizer is very important. If this is a regular type, you will continue to develop your plants, but if we are to cultivate at this time it is best to use a complex, low nitrogen fertilizer.

Finally, the ideal is to perform maintenance pruning and more if we have hedges. Take advantage and get rid of wood that is no longer in condition. If you have ivy you should also prune it frequently, otherwise it will grow excessively.

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